I am taking advantage of my time off.  A big part of that includes the weekends.  This particular weekend, a few weeks back, I decided to go visit my sister’s so that I could celebrate my birthday early.  I rode up on a Sunday morning and waited until my sister was done with church and work.  The first thing she asked me was “Where are you trying to go shoot?”  I’ve had the location brewing in my brain for the past week “The Tobacco Campus!”  I asked her to entertain an idea for me and I set up a tripod outside.  The next 30 minutes were spent filming the intro for my first vlog.  I already got some shots for the drive up.  My sister offered to be my assistant for the day so I showed her how to operate the second camera and what to look for.

We drove to downtown Durham and rode around until we found the campus.  There was a baseball game happening so parking was scarce.  We found a spot next to campus and made our way around by foot.  The area was beautiful.  All of these old warehouses were renovated into office buildings and restaurants.  It looked like a great way to beautify the city.  Rain clouds were in and out but the day was still beautiful.  Wind was slight and the sun was showing off.  I got a few shots and walked around and vlogged with my sister.  We ventured to the top floor of the parking deck and got some decent views of the cityscape but no sunset because the rain took over.  We shortly made it back home to enjoy some birthday cake and ice cream.

Check out the vlog here.