I wanted to be more involved, to know what was going on in my community.  A friend of mine hit me up and told me about a community forum coming up.  This was something I did not want to miss.  That Saturday I drove downtown and went straight to the International Civil Rights Center & Museum.  I listened to stories about how people felt about current events happening and what they wanted us to do to improve the state of the community.

Shortly after the forum was over the attendees gathered in front of the museum as more people showed up.  There was a large crowd when 6pm rolled around and media showed up to do some coverage.  I pulled out my camera get some shots in.  Instructions were called out and we marched.  I filmed as chants were shouted and we walked into the sunset.  It was like something out of a movie.


BLM-5 BLM-6 BLM-7 BLM-9 BLM-10


When we finally got to the courthouse steps, a 45 minute rally went on to keep the morale of the people up.  There were activists, community leaders, as well as pastors speaking on the issue of Black Lives Matter and the importance of having allies that weren’t people of color as well. The crowd was diverse and that made me proud to see, especially since this was my first march.  The emotions were intense and it felt a bit scary but I pushed through that to be on one accord with the many brave people that came out to support.



BLM-14 BLM-15 BLM-16 BLM-17 BLM-18 BLM-19 BLM-20 BLM-21 BLM-22

I pledge to be more involved with my local community and make sure to document as much as possible because we need more positive images that the media won’t show.  I pray the emotion translate in these images, but I guess you would have to be there.  I created a video about the experience, view it here.