It was time to choose another location.  Where could I go?  I prepared for the day and packed all of my gear.  “Off to High Point” I said.  My boyfriend and I drove off to the tiny city and searched for our first location, the transportation depot.  From there we simply walked around until something caught my eye.

HP06HP01 HP02

HP03 HP04 HP05 HP07 HP08 HP09 HP10 HP11 HP12
Downtown High Point is a mix of modern and traditional buildings.  Some of the older buildings were renovated to meet code but the outside aesthetics remain the same.  The modern architecture is bold and very large. The colors and lines of this little area are amazing.  It’s very reflective of of the creativity behind furniture design that gets showcased here several times a year.

We found so many vantage points and structures to shoot within a five block radius.  If it wasn’t so hot I could have covered more area.  I will be back this way soon.  This was a very fun shoot and I feel like my eye is enhancing.