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My partner had been planning on going to this Street Fighter Five tournament for awhile. Even though it was local and small, he was hyped to be jumping back into the scene.  We head to the other side of town to Lost Ark, a video game store and arcade. As soon as we walked in, we paid for entry and he registered for the tournament.  $8.00 for unlimited gameplay.  As I walked through the saloon style door, neon lights lit the room and loud music blared from each cabinet.  Customers had their choice of any machine and could play as long as they wanted.  I wanted to catch the energy of the room.  I wanted to catch the color and tones, so I started snapping.  I have little experience shooting in low light, so when the editing process occurred I wasn’t full satisfied with the coloring but the tones and shade were great.  I switched to black and white to play with the contrast in the photos.  This was a fun environment to shoot in.  I plan on doing more and get more experimental with angles and lenses.