JSmith NCIG16-4117

“Just go out and shoot.” is the quote I see everywhere. I see it on instagram, youtube, etc. My issues are always waiting for the right moment or trying to have things planned out. If that were the case, the last post would not exist because I wasn’t planning on really going out that day or bringing my camera. Since I have been bringing my camera with me to most places, I find my eye becoming sharper and I catch myself finding an angle for everything. The times I leave my camera at home, I usually regret it.

I really want this passion to be a true reality for me. It’s getting me out of the house more. It has me running into people I know and strangers that are interesting in what I am working on. I want it to be a way of life for me. I would love for it to fund my livelihood one day. I want for it be inspiration to others and assist in making a difference in my little corner of the universe.