A few weeks back I went to get some routine maintenance done on my car and decided to take detour after I left the autoshop.  I took a few turns and kept going until I came across rural country area.  I was already a ways from my apartment, no turning back now.  I eventually discovered signs that were familiar to me and decided to ride by a local park for some inspiration.  I rode around and passed the usual picnic spots and the golf course that the park was so well known for.  I came upon a sign that stated that a marina was shortly ahead of me.  I ventured down until I seen boats.  I quickly parked and hopped out of the car and took in the scene.IMG_1027IMG_1014 IMG_1004 I noticed that I always come across lake when overcast is heavy. It also looked as if it were going to rain but I didn’t allow that to deter me from finding some inspiration.  I quickly spotted some canoes off to the side and was immediately attracted to their bright colors in comparison to the dull hues of the lake.  I experimented with some angles and reference points.IMG_1091  IMG_1072 IMG_1063 IMG_1047  IMG_1036IMG_1045

I eventually took a strolled and shot anything that caught my eye.I wasn’t even planning on taking photos today. I just bring my camera just in case anything were to pop up. Hell, my battery wasn’t even charged and that made the challenge of getting the shots even sweeter.  Do some wandering today and see what you happen to stumble across.